– [Pierce] All right. Today, we have a live lesson with Claire and we’re gonna work on her iron ball striking to help her break 80. – [Right] Hopefully by the weekend as well. Welcome to the channel, everybody.

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Claire, how are you doing? – [Claire] (indistinct), thank you. – [Right] Thank you for joining us. We’re gonna help you with your eyes today. Ball striking is the most important thing. Good play, we’ve watched your warm up in some long shot, longer than us Pierce.

– [Pierce] Yes. – [Right] What’s the issue with the ball striking when it comes to for your irons for you? – [Claire] It’s just a little bit inconsistent so I can hit it, and I saw I can hit like a thin right slice that just kinda kills it.

– [Right] Yeah. – [Claire] I’m just that inconsistency. – [Right] And you’ve not broke 80 before. – [Claire] No. – [Right] That’s a goal of yours. – [Claire] Yeah, definitely. – [Right] Claire has coaching as well, which is great.

She’s a member of the website, so she’s very educated. And some of the things that you’re trying to do, which is good. But the ball striking seems to be the issue. We’ve done some swings already.

So you’ve got a little bit of an idea of what we’re gonna be working on. So let’s hit a few shots. – [Claire] Yes. – [Right] We may look at some of the FlightScope data as well- – [Claire] Yeah.

– [Right] And let’s just get an idea of what we’re gonna do and see some of the shots as well. Just hit as normal. – [Claire] Okay, yeah. – [Right] Straight from the middle of the green here on the 14th at the (indistinct), it’s one of my favorite holes place, this one.

– [Pierce] Yeah, it’s cool, isn’t it? (golf club swooshing) – [Right] Okay, nice, very nice. (Claire laughs) (golf club swooshing) – [Right] That’s a good example of the, sort of the low poor strike that, that sort of slides off to the right go lower than that as well.

Okay. Do we want to see those? That’s good. We want to correct those today. That’s the important thing. Okay. Lovely shot. I mean, that’s right at the flag. What yardage have we got here Pierce? – [Pierce] I’ve gone about three feet away from the flag.

It could be an almost 10. That’s lovely. Very nice. Okay. – [Right] I just want to have a quick look at some of the numbers. I just want to say the path Pierce for me on this average. – [Pierce] Path pass by one more.

Second. That last one was 1.3 degrees to the left. Okay. I will tell you what it is as a consistency. Yeah. 1.8 degrees. – [Right] Too. Okay. So generally we’re seeing a slightly over the top swing.

We’re just gonna take a look at this Clare as well. And this is something that you’ve seen a lot of in the past, and we’ll show the guys at home here. Great setup. Really nice as we go through the swing here.

What we’re gonna notice is that club face very, very good. We can see the face is nice and strong. It gets a little bit behind the hands. And you’ve probably seen this before in the past as well.

Not too much of an issue there, but we’ll have a little look further on from here as we continue to go up. Now club’s place is still strong, but on the way down now, we’re gonna see this move.

This is the one that you’re trying to correct. And this is the thing that’s causing you. The poor strikes. It just hits the heel every now and again, and then sort of squirts over to the right, really.

So if we can get your swing in somewhat closer to the plane on the way down today. Yep. That’s what’s gonna make all the difference. Okay, Claire, so set up and everything looks great. One of the things that you’re we see you do in your, in your routine is you’re very aware of this.

Now, when you’re doing this, what I notice is that the hands and arms do a lot of movement, but we don’t really use any of the hips. – [Claire] Okay. – [Right] So what I would like to see in the way back is that this is great, really like what you’re doing here, but I’d love to see it linked more with a rotation of the hips.

Yeah. Now from the, from the front, some of you, if I just get you to stand sorta just where roughly where Pierce is here, if I swing back and don’t really use the hips, what tends to happen is now we, we ended up going more this way, where the upper body is leaning towards the target reverse spine, we call this.

But then from here, the only way we’re gonna go is, is steep. Yeah. So if we can get you today to move the hips in a better way, really encouraged this motion on the way back, that’s gonna help us stack the upper body more over the lower body in a better way.

And then from here now create some room to swing here. So you’re doing a really good job with the arms and the club, the body isn’t allowing you to swing from the inside. Does that make sense? Yeah.

So if we can get your body in your hips doing a better job, this is gonna be really, really easy. – [Claire] Yep. Hopefully. Okay. So let’s jump in. So if you take your set up for us, just anywhere that without the ball yep.

Show me your old sorta little practice, swing that rehearsal. So notice when you do that, there’s not really any motion of the, the lower body. Yeah. So if you take your set up there, so what I’d like you to do here, let me do this.

I really want you to feel as if, as we do this, we allow the belts and the hips to turn with me. Okay. Now how different is that? Yeah, there you go. Okay. Yeah. – [Claire] Yeah. The face is still strong.

You’ve still got this in the same place. This is the most important thing, but now we move in the body in a different way. Feel different. Let’s do that again. So instead of just the arms and putting it in place and allow the hips and the belt to move with me.

Okay. Really, really nice. Okay. Difference. Yeah. Okay, good. Do that again for us. Okay. – [Pierce] Do you know what this is? So, so important. If you’re swinging over the top, you’re slicing it.

Please have a look at what your hips are doing. Video yourself, get someone to tell you, you got to get a good hit and turn on the way back. Otherwise it’s so easy to come over the top. Make sure you check that out.

– [Right] I’m just swinging from the inside now. And if we just, the only thing we do today is just allow the hips to rotate and create some room. We’re gonna change your path. Then we’re gonna get rid of the, over the top.

Yeah, let’s do that again. I’m gonna take you into a little bit more of a full swing here. Yep. So as we swing back, we’re gonna allow the hips to turn up the turnips, to turn down where the ball will be.

Okay. Now tell me how that feels. Very strange. – [Claire] Very strange. Why does it feel strange? Just. – [Right] Cause it feels completely different. Okay. Good. Different is good. And strange is good.

If it feels strange, that’s a good thing. Okay. Let’s do that again for us. And how, how different, where do you feel that. – [Claire] All over? toes. – [Right] First move. Hips. Hips, hips, hips, hips.

Keep turning those hips. Okay. Different feeling again? Yeah. Okay. Really nice now, but now Claire, if we start the down swing, now look how much room we’ve got in here. Yeah. Now what Claire said earlier, before we started, you said to me Claire, I’m trying to get the, I’m trying to swing down in here.

I’m trying to swing the club on plane. But when we’re, when we’re in this position, I’ll exaggerate it. You’re not there’s this this much over trying to get the club down here is really hard.

But when we are turning the hips and creating the space, all of a sudden I’ve got all this freedom to swing from the inside. Yeah. So you understood what you needed to do, but your body wasn’t really allowing you to do it in the right place.

And this is what probably a lot of you guys at home will be doing as well as the hips. Aren’t doing a good job. It’s really hard. – [Pierce] And see how much as well. They’re working at the movements, working at the movement.

It’s not so much about hitting golf balls at this stage and go straight into it. It’s about creating the movement, understanding it, practicing, practicing, practicing, check it with some feedback in a mirror.

Don’t worry. She’ll hit one in a minute, but make sure you have plenty of practice swings. – [Right] How different does that look from? The possibility. That’s awesome. That’s so good.

– [Pierce] Okay. It looks powerful, Andy, as well, like you say creates room, but it looks powerful. – [Right] She’ll be 20 yards past the setup. We’ve done this test to be fair. And again, what do you notice when I do this with you? Keep hold of the club.

If I swing back with you, what do you notice when we do this? – [Claire] I could feel my hands are kind of getting in a different state. – [Right] More in. Yeah. Okay, good. Good. Because you’ve been very hands oriented.

Almost trying to push it here. Yeah. I want you to almost be more body land. If we move the body, look, how’s it gonna follow what you’ve been doing as being, almost go, almost go and well, I’m gonna put the hands in and do it with these.

Yeah. And more putting in position instead of from here, allowing things to, to be more governed by, by this. So let’s do a few more of these. So soft arms, relax the hands. We’re gonna let the hips almost move things away.

You have different daddies and the face look is good. Your face is you haven’t really done anything with either of, you know, we’ve just allowed things to move in a more natural way with the body.

Relax the hands. – [Pierce] So definitely what Claire was doing is something that a lot of golfers do when they’re trying to change a move in their golf swing, they seek for a position as opposed to going well, I know I want the club there, but I’ve got to make sure I keep the flow of the golf swing as opposed to, I must position it here and position it here and forget about moving the rest of the body.

Almost. – [Right] There you go. That was so good. Claire. Okay. Now from here and I just swing down for me. – [Claire] Good. Different. Yeah. – [Right] Different. But does that, does that make sense? – [Claire] Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. – [Right] You do a really good job of the arms and the club, but because we were maybe not quite using the body in a good way. Yeah. It’s just very hard. – [Claire] It’s interesting as well, because I feel sometimes with my old swing that when I would get in the top hole kind of a little bit stiff and it were a bit hard to come into that down sweater and I couldn’t figure out why.

– [Right] The thing is with the majority of majority of amateur golfers like yourself watching this, the backswing is just so important. You can see a lot of the tour pros. They get away with things like they can have a funky back swing, but they’re doing this day in day out.

And you know that and really highly skilled where the majority of amateurs, if we can position you in a better place on the way back, it just makes things so much easier. So if we can and you were working really hard to try and put it in place, you won’t have to, if we get the backswing right.

As always what I really liked to do with this, because it’s such a different move, I’m gonna see the golf ball. Okay. Just to, just so you can focus on the quality of the motion as opposed to the striking.

I want you to be not worried about the ball. I want you to be more conscious of what the hips are doing. Okay. Let’s have a few swings and then we’ll nice. Slightly over the top. – [Pierce] Interesting as well when we get people to do this as well.

I mean, I’d do this and I’ve done this myself with my golf swing. You’re almost feeling that you say to self belt buckle is the only thing that you actually really want to move in the back swing.

Obviously everything else will move, but if you’re used to doing it so much with your arms, get your belt buckle involved and it can be, it can be a really big slowly now. Okay. So. Just get the place that I’m just gonna do a couple of moves with you just to give you a feed on the body, what the body should do.

So, okay. Clip across your shoulders. Perfect. In your setup for me, lean forward as. – [Right] If you were playing a shot, really. Like this drill to sort of give us a feel of what the body should be doing.

Let me just, if it’s, if I just replace that and swift pop it over, there we go. Okay. And you pop it, swipe it and swap it with our lean forward. Just a touch more. Okay. Good eyes down where the ball would.

– Be for me. Yep. Okay. How does that feel? – [Claire] Weird. Yeah. – [Right] This is a really good drill. You’ll see. From the face on here now, Plaza, Baldino, isn’t leaning towards a target and we’ve got a lot more hip turn.

This club is matching that one. This is a really. Good drill to do. I lean forward a bit more. Good. So rotate. There you go. So this is a real good drill for you here club. This is where we’d love to see you at the top of the swing.

Yeah. Or provider’s turn hips have really created some freedom there and some movement to that on your own. Now for us, there you go. Hunt again. Why can’t this looks easy. This just, it’s just a matter of learning this now flares easily in terms of the motion here, you can do this quite easily.

You’ve just created a slightly different movement pattern that you’d normally. Do. So. Yeah. Okay, good. So this is the more you do this. The easier it is. Perfect. Nice. – Well, that one felt my high, low.

Nice, really good height on that. Wasn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. That one felt really nice. – I better get an iron. It it’s good enough. Good enough. – Lovely. So good. You can tell is gonna be ready.

Yeah. That was the best. – Thing that you’ve done so far in terms of changing, changing it. That was really good. – [Claire] Yeah. – [Pierce] Club path on that is nearly zero. Now Andy gets there on a 0.

5 to the left of that was nice. Yeah. It’s getting nearer. – [Right] Let me just show you the difference on this. So this is your first one. Yep. Take a look at the over the top. We can see how the club’s sort of, it’s sort of chopping through your neck.

They support the Pierce, causes the decapitating, chopping your neck off there. You can see that chef they’re so steep and over the top and in front. And that’s when we get that, now ignore the backswing for the moment.

Cause the club’s a bit more inside. Yeah. But look at the lower body. Look how look, how much sort of we’ve got daylight between the knees now, which is great. Hips are moving more. Now let me start the down swing.

Now we’ve got the shafts coming from now. Now it’s coming through the arm. Not so much over the top, really nicely on playing at this point here and this one reasonable contact at the middle of the face on this one.

So the shape of your golf swing now has changed. It might not look as I’m playing on the way back, but the most important thing is where it is on the way down. – [Claire] Yeah. Very nice on that. Go down.

That one. That is a good one to finish on. – [Right] Hope that helps make sure you check out our five shots, lower video series. And let’s see if Claire can break it next weekend. Thanks guys.

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