Hey everybody Danny Maude here, thanks for joining us, have you ever found yourself stood over the golf ball, focusing on so many things that it can just seem overwhelming and you just get confused. Well, the great john jacobs, the wonderful golf coach described the golf swing as simply two turns and a swish of the golf club, and you know what it can really be that simple.

But you need to focus on a couple of key areas to do this and in this week’s. Golf lesson i’m going to share with you those key areas, the key things that are going to simplify this golf swing. So you focus on the big stuff first before you start to tweak it and improve the little bits around the edges, all right, so that’s.

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Okay, great! So let’s, get stuck into this video now. The first thing we’re gonna focus on is how do you get that swish element in the golf swing? It sounds simple, but you know what i don’t know about you, but when you start in a few dodger shots the control comes in.

You, try really really hard. This gets stiff or you’re, trying so hard to put the club into position as opposed to swing the club through those positions. Golf swing is not a static motion. It’s, a flowing motion.

That is how we create effortless motions. The second thing we’re going to focus on is then how you guide this switch, so it’s under control, so guiding yes and secondly, how you then, how the body moves to generate speed and power with it too.

So let’s start with a simple swish. The first thing i want you to do and if you can do this with me right now even grab a golf club so so important grab. The club just feel the weight of the club really feel it in your hands up and down.

Then what i’m going to do is this. I want you to swing the weight just up here, just over your trail shoulder and allow the mass of the club to start off with just to fall down to the ground. Now, when i’m, allowing it literally just to fall down to the ground, you’ll notice.

When i’ve, let it fall. It’s naturally gone up here. Now i haven’t tried to get up there, just like a pendulum. Otherwise i like to fall. The club comes up. I asked one of my research students to do this and he did this and he went and he stopped what’s happening at that stage.

You’re, adding too much control into the motion. You’ve got to learn to let go of this so when the club swings up here, allow the mass to fall and let it go wherever it goes. Let that sensation sink in now start with your lead hand, do the same thing: sling.

The mass up throw the mass down backwards and forwards, then join both hands together. Just feeling that, right now, what we’re going to do now is start adding a little bit of golf swing to that now to hear a straight shot.

Nearly every player on tour has a swing that swings at a 45 degree angle. Okay. So if you look at this shaft angle, here it’s, not at 90. It’s at 45.. Now, when the club swings back, look at the shaft here, it’s, also at a 45 degree angle.

So when the swinging this mass around you’ll notice, it’s a 45 here and then look it ‘ Ll, be also a 45 on the way through. So what i want you to do now is when you’ve got this swinging club head and you feel the momentum of this.

I want you to now practice doing this swing it to 45 and then just simply swing it to 45 and stop one two. So it’s kind of whipping the club back here and then through here feel that momentum going backwards and forwards.

Now i’ve got obviously the graphics here, showing you what to do, but you can very simply put a couple of alignment sticks if you want to guide yourself just outside the ball line. Do it maybe with one hand first, maybe a trail hand.

First, one or twice, then your left hand once or twice and then bring both hands in just literally using it as a simple guide to feel the momentum of the club and also the line that you are throwing that momentum on.

So that sounds pretty simple right. Just learn to free up the club, but sounds simple, but how often do you find yourself, you hit a few dodgy shots before you know it. You’re back to holding it tight and trying too hard again, and the stiffness comes back in don’t.

Let that happen now. Secondly, once you freeing up the club head, you also need to learn how to free up the body too. Now i don’t mean free up the body by moving it around all over the place, because that won ‘

T give you any control over this club, but you need to free up in the right way. Now that’s easier said than done so in order to make this happen much easier, you need to look at working on some drills, some drill, some wonderful feels.

Now. A couple of weeks ago i came up with a video where i gave a brilliant drill on how exactly i do this. It went down so so well and i learned to actually watching the olympics. There was this young girl, wonderful athlete and she threw a shot.

Putt and the shot butt didn’t go very far and the second one. However, she did, and it went a load, feel like two three meters further, which is a massive difference and the reason why it went further was she used her body freely and in the right way in the first one.

I see someone in golf swings all. She did was use her arm. What she didn’t use was the whole body from the ground. Up now you may have heard about you know using the ground and what have you, but some people, just don’t know how to do it, how to feel it, but the shot put analogy really really helps.

So what i want to imagine is this: on your back swing, i always imagine you’re, holding the shot put and what you’re, going to use you’re, going to use the ground to imagine you’re pushing the shot over behind you here now.

What this is going to do is going to help. You feel how to use the feet. The body and everything look all lined up the left leg, the left side pushing that shot. This way, this is going to help you free up the back swing and the same on the way down the same principle.

Look i don’t want to push my arm. Look. I’m, going to use my my trail leg. My side to free it up, i’m, pushing it upwards and forwards yeah. This gets me twisting and spiraling in such a way that’s, going to start to give me the feeling of exactly how i free up my body now, once you’ve done this once or twice what you can then do is Bring back the 45 degree exercise so put the club behind your shoulders.

If this is a bit too much like a problem for flexibility, just put it across your chest like this doesn’t really matter, and what i want you to do now is imagine this. You’ve got the shot putt and you’re, going to use the ground to shot the putt behind you.

So i’m going to use the ground. I’m going to pivot and throw the shot here now, as i’m shut, throwing it notice the angle of my shoulders. They’re at 45., so throw the shot. This way, keep it at 45. back into impact.

Now same on the way through look, throw it to 45.. Now the wonderful thing about this, you might have some injuries. You might lack some flexibility, so you simply do this to the best of your ability, but this will give you direction in exactly the feels that you need to free up the swing it ‘

S, rather me just say just swing freely in whatever you that’s all good, but this will give you the wonderful sensation. If you do this, for, like one or two minutes each day stand ready. That’s. The other thing posture wise when you’re ready stand ready to do this, feel the balance in your feet.

I see a lot of people when they’re setting up to the swing. They just stand any old way. Then they wonder why they they don’t use their body correctly. Get yourself set up, be ready here for the next move, which is to throw the shot over.

There come back into impact, throw the shot over. There really then start to sense. This motion develop just by a minute or two a day, this sensation of how the body moves freely, but still powerfully and under control yeah.

Now it’s, that’s. What i’m, saying the drills will help you feel the motion, as opposed to just oh danny, says just kind of free up the motion. No, you’ve got to free up with power and control. Once you’ve done that once or twice start to put the club in your hands, if you wanted, you could just do it one-handed and then just imagine.

We’re gonna throw the shot put this way or again throw it behind us here, whatever you want to do, but the key is just keep the flowing club now and start to marry this with the flowing body. You’ll notice how the club starts to work much more together with the body.

So what you end up getting is the where the body flows, the club follows or goes yeah where the body flows the club goes. If i do this, that’s, going to be out of balance, we’re, going to put the club out of bounds.

If i go this, that’s, going to throw the club out of bounds from here, look, i’m shotting the club forward and backwards all right. Let’s, have a look at this in action. So i’ve, got that sensation backwards and forward so just shut.

The club behind me feel what that’s like see what it’s like here, do a few of those flowing motions and then away. We go that’s, really nice and one of the things i’m. Seeing with this, i can really feel how the club naturally releases with a load of speed.

Why? Because my arms, they’re relaxed, they’re passive. They’re being thrown around the body by the what my body is actually doing. So you’re. Wherever your body flows, the club will actually go so that’s, where you have to learn the feeling of how that body moves.

Once you’ve done that you, don’t have to worry about where the arms go. They will simply be led by this entire motion, and so will your club so that’s when you get the all all important two turns and a swish, so i really hope that helps so let’s.

Just summarize. What have we done? You need to learn, first of all, to let the club swish through. How do you do this? Let it flow up, let it fall down to the ground, so the club literally goes down and then the club flies up don’t.

Let it just stop here that’s too much control swing it at a 45 degree angle. Get a rhythm of this 45: this is how straight shots are here then allow the body to complement this motion. So ultimately, here the body leads this motion powerfully and in balance, okay, but it’s completely.

Free too use the shot. Putt analogy: push back from the ground and again push back from the ground, just educate your body, how it moves same thing here, educate the body. Look one there’s. The shot put you’re, throwing it back here back into back, and you’re, throwing it here once you’ve done this.

Look at how this marries in look with the the swing the body is complementing the arc and helping you guide this all the way through. So i really hope this helps. I hope it helps get a magic two turns and a swish.

Thank you, john jacobs, for suggesting this a wonderful, wonderful, uh idea, but if you’re new to the channel, it’s from your first videos of mine press that subscribe button and the bell and remember: look if you know one of Your friends who, like some simplicity, share this video, give them some simple, simple stuff to work on and remember there’s, a free, download or practice guide in the description box below.

So you never have to remember a thing, but until next week have a great golfing week,

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