What to do with a custom golf bag?

  • Why not consider a totally custom golf bag tag with your club logo written on it?  They are perfect for club members, existing and new. The golf bag tag is also perfect for great little tournament prizes, corporate golf events, and personalized gifts for any team or individual golfer. The bespoke metal custom golf bag tag is perfect for young and older golfers, it’s crafted from a mold.

What Are Custom Golf Bag Tags Made From?

A Custom Golf Bag Tag is  Made From metal, then crafted from a mild, a golf club team or club shield is normally used. This is often around the 60mm mark but some golf bag tags are 70mm.
What are metal golf bag tags?
The customised metal golf bag tag is a high spec version of the plastic or silicone golf bag tag. They are great-looking and come in a range of options. The choices are non-colour or non-enameled, part enamelled or fully enamelled.
Choosing your metal golf bag tag type
The type of custom golf bag tag you choose is up to you, although once you have your design which is often created with a free golf bag tag service you are ready to go. Most golf clubs use a shield or club logo. It’s then drafted into the best-looking 3d mockup.
The Non-Enambelled Golf Bag Tag
This is a great-looking tag, it’s smooth on the front can be raised or non-raise. It’s got a standard leather strap and can be sandblasted on the back or left with a smooth finish.
Enamelled Golf Bag Tag
Very popular comes in a range of colours, can showcase a golf club or team with style. The Enamelled Golf Bag Tag can be mounted on a leather strap or left with a smooth back part.
Part Enamelled Golf Bag Tag
It’s exactly what it says, partly coloured, again can be raised or smooth, perfect for all clubs and teams, and can be mounted on a leatherback part or left smooth.
What are the golf bag metal choices?
A mixture of metals are used in making golf tags, Copper / Brass / Zinc Alloy / Pewter Alloy / Iron / Stainless Steel / Aluminium options are on offer, each one has a weighty quality feel to it.
What is the process of creating golf bag tags?
A high level of craftsmanship goes into creating the custom golf bag tag, with the process of Stamping/metal Casting / Printing / Etching / Then Laser Engraving
Golf Bag Tag Colours
Choose from Hard Enamel (cloisonne) / Soft Pro Enamel – low cost imitation hard enamel) / Soft Enamel / Printing / Laser Engraving colour scheem.
What Plating is used
It’s known that even Gold / Nickle / Silver / Chrome / Antique colors / Matte Colors / Two-tone colors can be used for the best-looking golf bag tags, each team or club is different, it’s your choice which one you opt for.
Golf Bag Tag Attachment
You can choose a wide range of tags attachments, from a simple PU strap / Real leather strap / Metal wire loop / Ball chain attachment.
How will my golf bag tag be attached?
Packed into a Self-adhesive Polybag or Clear PVC Pouch / Cardboard Box or Plastic Box / Velvet Box / PU Box / Tin Box / Wood boxes for presentation can also be used.